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Saturday, 16 February 2019

What do you understand by the word LOVE

What is love ?
according to our forefathers love affair started from adam and eve when they were in the garden and you know they did the kind of thing before they are descended down to the earth day with the they were the first people that first experience love then doing the golden age of greek love of thought of as a bitter emotion and feeling that is at the time of good they did not consider love us something good because her something bitter and emotional bitter leaf men wanted to be faithful departed man u know when you're in love with a woman you be faithful to her because you really like her in limit everything for her then let me go to nowadays love nowadays love is kind of love in which anybody can just say I love you I love you I love you but they are some kind of things attached to love with her affection, adoration, worship, devotion, caring for, finding in irritable, having weakness for, being patcher 2, tenderness, passion, desire the orders. You know when you're in love with somebody you have affection proportion as in you have feelings for you for that person you want everything for the president you really like that person everything about that person you like it then the next stage

the next stage is adoration when you're in love you will adore the person in love with you honour him you worship him you will I dun care for a person more than any other thing then

Love love as a prototype love at the border is kind of simple love or a modern love for the lover group into animals love invitation love another kind of love according to eps 12 centre pictures of love

Number one is trust trust is one of the main important thing one must consider when you want to fall in love yeah you must consider it was very well because when you I love you tell that person more than any other thing you can even tell that person more than yourself because you loved me then the next

Share when you're in love with somebody you care for that person you care as much as you do for yourself other person have not eaten you ask have you eaten yes have eaten but don't to eat you know stuffs like that you ask that person to show concern about that particular person and providing them protection and healthy environment or atmosphere

honest when you're in love you must be honest it was a honest to your partner so that the love will be strong honesty is talking about trust never cheat or never steal or your partner

Respect with somebody you respect that person more than any other thing because you tell you that person you tell him or her ultimately 80% because you love your in love with him love is blind...

 what is infatuation

infatuation vs tours intensive or maybe I can see an extra baggage or short filling in which someone have for something or somebody but sometimes most people confuse about patient with love you but usually just like loving somebody which you know it can't be possible just just like having a course or suffering for a public loved us stuff like that full stop invitations go greatly in this our society because notation is kind of love you have for somebody you know you can be possible like celebrities like michael jackson like bill gate people you know as level but a potential are grouped into two they have simple infatuation are the manifestation people infatuation is kind of his course which will known as course that was supposed potential about then what is definition by definition having a strong feeling or love or after action for someone something when they are when they are unreasonable to do it for a long time position of dundee stay because it goes...

Passionate love passionate love is a kind of love that is widely spread and fun especially arosa and confused feelings love is other blissful or experience but love is love step love there are also a type of floor the afternoon love they have empty love that what to tell you don't love your kind of love that you don't have feelings for that person that person is just a normal lord I die empty lord that there is no atiku or atom of love in it that we love


Jealousy camouflage threat of fear of losing something or someone so special to you jealousy is also occur in all man made because we are all human beings and we have something in common that precious to us which we don't want to lose so trying to lose that thing will lead to jealousy jealousy has an important role to play because if you're not jealous you will not be you will not protect that thing well well that type of velocity have positive jealousy and negatively jealousy when positive jealousy you do something in a matured way and positive jealousy goes with what colours why negative to lose weight patient

What are the factors that affect jealousy
We are expecting the threat;
So amazing this is when you have that, feelings that this something you lost specially or something you tell especially all somebody is giving you an abnormal attitude like for example when you're married you love your husband suddenly without seeing having an affair outside with a woman inside the house at home then we kind of behaviour he will start exhibiting which will make you know that there's something going wrong with your interest at beginning that's what we call suspecting the threat of jealousy this is the first stages of jealousy
Emotional you acting;;

Immediately acting is kind of how react to d suspecting the threat of jealousy the way you are too jealous thats what im italy the acting is time to say I have seen earlier that type of those you have positively for you to $2 each box your teeth or positively writing it a positive way is by you playing maturity and calmness you have to become for you to play a pretty jealousy and ask your your man or a woman was going on what happened to christians like that but meanwhile nothing negatively andela ceo it's kind of making violence violence is just a short come of negative jealousy

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