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Sunday, 17 February 2019

Top 10 richest actresses in nigeria

1. Rita Dominic
The richest actress in Nigeria always looks fresh and lovely. Rita Dominic’s first film was ‘A Time to Kill,’ and it made her famous, loved, and successful. These days the Nollywood star is being featured in about 100 movies, she has been the winner of many prestigious awards, and her earnings have grown a lot.
Her net worth in 2018 is reported differently by various sources. According to many sites, the wealth of this actress reaches about over one million U.S. dollars. However, based on, her net worth is more than 2.6 million U.S. dollars or approximately 950 million Naira, which makes her the wealthiest actress in 2018.

2. Genevieve Nnaji
One more richest actress in Nigeria who earns millions of Naira per her roles always looks fantastic and shares her talents with all our countrymen through her movies. Being successful in films, Genevieve Nnaji has also started her clothing line and other businesses.
She earns enough to live a happy life with her daughter.This star of more than 80 Nigeran films boasts the wealth of approximately 2.3 million U.S. dollars or 850 million Naira.

3. Chioma Chukwuka
If you like romantic films and ‘innocent’ ladies, watch movies featuring Chioma Chukwuka. Some of her fans even call her ‘Nollywood unspoiled’ because of the lovely characters she has to play. Well, innocent roles can make you extremely rich these days.
According to, one of the top 20 richest actresses in Nigeria 2018 boasts a fantastic net worth of about 2 million U.S. dollars.

4. Mercy Johnson
No one could ever foretell that ‘The Maid’ would become the start of Mercy Johnson’s impressive career. This film made her famous, wealthy, and influential. There are rumors that this beautiful lady is paid at least 2 million Naira per each role she plays. We don’t know if this is true, but her wealth does impress.
Mercy Johnson’s net worth has reached over 1.65 million U.S. dollars or 600 million Naira.

5. Omotola Jalade
One of the top Nigerian actresses, Omotola Jalade, is extremely popular on social networks. For example, her Instagram account has more than 3.3 million followers. The actress is good at acting and has other exciting talents such as modeling and singing. She influences many Nigerians, and she is a proud owner of many awards for her outstanding roles.
The net worth of Omotola Jalade is approximately 1.5 million U.S. dollars or about 550 million Naira.

6. Funke Akindele
This beautiful actress has more than 6.5 million followers on her Instagram account, which makes her one of the most followed and influential female persons in Nigeria. Each of her roles is amazing. For many movies, Funke Akindele has received awards not just within our country but all across Africa. If you wish to enjoy her acting, watch ‘Jenifa’s Diary’ television series.
Her net worth is about 1.4 million U.S. dollars or 510 million Naira. She is one of the highest paid Nollywood stars as well.

7. Ini Edo
Hot and beautiful, this actress has been starring in a significant number of Nollywood films. She runs her businesses and earns enough money to be one of the top 20 richest female actress in Nigeria in 2018. Besides all these occupations, she is also a producer and movie director.
Ini Edo’s net worth is approximately 1.2 million U.S. dollars.

8. Uche Jombo
One of the top 20 richest female actresses in Nigeria is also a movie producer and screenwriter. Her career quickly rose after the release of ‘Visa to Hell’ film in the late 1990s. Since then she has appeared in more than sixty movies making millions of Nigerians happy. Thus, she is one of the top 20 richest female actresses in Nigeria.
Various sources estimate Uche Jombo’s net worth differently. For example, estimates the net worth of Uche to be above 836,000 U.S. dollars and is keep growing, while informs us that the actress has a wealth of about 1 million U.S. dollars or 370 million Naira.

9. Clarion Chukwura
The winner of multiple Best Actress awards and many other prestigious titles, Clarion Chukwura, is one of the top 20 richest Nigerian actresses in 2018. She is the star of so many films that is it hard to count them all. You can enjoy her playing in the ‘Egg of Life,’ ‘Farewell to Babylon,’ ‘Abuja Connection,’ ‘Apaye’ and many other titles.
Clarion Chukwura’s net worth reaches approximately 1 million U.S. dollars.

10. Oge Okoye
This Nollywood actress has been a wonderful part of the Nigerian movie industry since the early 2000s. There are more than 100 films with this star including ‘Spanner,’ ‘Crazy Passion’ and ‘Hotel Majestic’ among others. Her roles have been awarded titles and prizes such as The Best Actress and Most Prominent Actress.
Based on the information provided by, her estimated net worth is around 1 million U.S. dollars as of 2018.

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