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Friday, 15 February 2019

Problem and solution of how to read and understand your material

One of the reasons students don't read is that. They don't understand what they have read before. This makes them feel reluctant and carelessnes about books and magazine.

some student real some articles several times but they don't understand, and remember anything, about it but some student read an article unfortunately they don't understand  something and still yet you don't grab... THE QUESTION IS WHY??

Although school teaches teaches student how to read and write for school prosecutor..with the help of a good teacher and qualified teacher, television cell phone computer as one of the problems students face in reading and understanding which will definitely affect them if he/she does not change or make an adjustment in a schedule or time and be able to adjust to meet up.

Student is not able to read understand most blame are put on by the teachers, if eventually a student do not know anything, because the parent believe the children or kids go to school everyday.... The question is know you not supposed to be so because the blame should not be put on the teachers alone parents also contribute greatly on the key that children because after school they go back home relax this makes us tend to feel reluctant after playing games after school and this makes me to forget things which they have been taught in school there are some things in which a healthy parent should do to a kid to make him or her have a healthy brain and able to remember..........

1. Go to bath to take some shower
2. Eat good food
3.sleep for a particular period of time 1-2 hours

Unfortunately this practice is not been carried out in 2nd country especially west africa because they believe that children at the age of 10 to 16 are expected to be learning a particular handwork or job so as which later earn them money...
Why do you think school teachers teach your child to read I worked with many schools at the four location waiting at the age of 11 to 18 years, with those that have lack reading experience understanding, I make sure I help them to balance their knowledge and other stuff like that I have a summer of how to make or how to bring about a good reading habit..

1. Pray
2. Purpose
3. Survey
4. Take note of highlighted area
5. Rehearsing

Prayer is one of the major point of individual. An individual is advised to pray before reading or before starting any other thing... there is a spiritual strength which help you to boost your internal and external body with the help of prayer and individual be able to understand and grab whatever thing he or she has read..

Propose before reading is a very important in reading tips. Everybody have a purpose  study either for religious or political stuffs. Purpose of reading we really help, you guide you and on the part of addition, necessary here because some purpose of reading will help you to memorize.. some articles of which you have intended before reading you can begin to read unnecessary, part without the purpose that's why purpose is very important in reading does it make you to understand and know the function of which that aspect is talking about when you are realising it make you to understand more of what the article or other material talking about...

some questions goes along the purpose of reading take for instance when I am reading an article, you can be reading an article or a material to pass an exam or an event or an interview or to develop a plan or to understand and communicate with a group of people or to understand more about a particular religion...

Reading techniques require more than surveying of an article we give you the full potential understanding this 'survey'.. this include reading heading, graphs, paragraph, point, picture. Surveying involve the looking of the material for the first line to the to the last line which is to articulate the kind of material you are about to read this this point of view begin at the top to the bottom of that this depend on the reader you should know the purpose and slow down for reading.. do not rush before you read.. try reading line-by-line understand.. let your eyes be on the text going slowly let your mind be free so that you can understand and grab a point ordinances stuff which will guide you for the purpose of your reading......

Tips on survey the material
1..The reader should slow down and take things easily when your memory 2 going to remember what you read the other time..

2. remember the purpose of your reading this will help you to know where the content and important of the material you want to read..

3... Take note of the highlights

most of the material are highlighted with the block letter or capital letter or an underlying layer this highlight air will help you to know more about the article because it is we highlighted that means it is necessary for you to do a lot of that thing or time to know what that particular place is talking about that is why the highlight that is why the article is highlighted it is very very important

4.. rehearsing
Rehearsing is the most important thing you must do in reading understanding rehearsal is very important that will make you to be able to understand and have a full knowledge of whatever you have been reading hasn't done after paragraph a paragraph this will give you a intensive memory. Acting as you read nothing can be done internal or external antenna waxing is done inside the mind while internal energy is done outside the mind heart and body internal he has goes with only the mind and which is not suitable for a speaker because it's easy to be done the kind of passage that is able to build up a person's potential is a personal reason there penalty is done outside the mind and it is done with the use of the month it will advise my student teachers of to follow the salary as in because you can count on mistake and be corrected by yourself at any point in time and also it also helps a student to be prepared in an unexpected presentation...

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