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Saturday, 4 May 2019

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G variant goes up in flames

We all remember the Galaxy Note 7 incident that forced Samsung to take a hard look at its quality control and caused the company a loss of more than $19 billion.

While Samsung did assure that they have taken measures to prevent it from happening again, a new story claims that Galaxy S10 5G went up in flames after getting hot. The incident happened in South Korea and the owner claims that the device just went into flames.

Samsung, on the other hand, has dismissed the case saying the incident happened because of an “external impact,” not an internal issue. We don’t have more details surrounding the incident at the moment but it seems like Samsung is too confident about their quality control and have denied the claims. The good thing, for Samsung, is the fact that this is an isolated incident so Samsung might be right here. However, seeing Samsung’s track record we can’t dismiss that the incident happened because of the carelessness of the owner.

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